Latina Abuse
Lee Evans On Latina Abuse Eve Evans is a pretty young Latina. She's petite, doesn't have an ounce of fat on her body, and her eyes are stunning. She's the kind of woman that looks like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, yet you know you could take her home to meet your parents. In other words, she is a lady on the streets, but a freak in the bed. She visited Duke Skywalker and the Latina Abuse crew to show us all just how freaky she is.
In the mind of Eve Evans, being freaky is considered licking balls while making eye contact. In her Barrio, this may make her very popular with the homies, but she should have known that her puppy doc eyes and soft tongue weren't what the Latina Abuse crew was after. They were preparing to face fuck her until all of that Latina warpaint dripped off of her eyes, and her rice and beans lunch was expelled from her throat. Lee Evans Gives A Blowjpb
Eve Evans Gagging On Cock Eve Evans quickly learned after the first thrust of Big Red's gringo cock down her throat, that these guys weren't looking for the GFE (girlfriend experience). They had one goal, and that was to feel the back of her throat with their big white dicks. Pump after pump, Eve Evans gasped for air as her mouth was completely stuffed. The vomit and slobber oozed out, confirming that a proper face fucking was in full effect.
As Eve Evans got tired of being on her knees, the guys flipped her around and placed her across their stomachs. They thrusted their pale dicks deep down her throat, and used her mouth as if it were a tight latina pussy. As her throat got sore and the dicks showed no mercy, she puked up one last serving of mexican goo before calling it quits. Some girls are meant for the Latina Abuse challenge, and apparently Eve Evans wasn't. Of course, thoughts of her family seeing this swirled through her head after the fact.
Newsflash: They will probably see it ayway, stupid puta!
Eve Evans Face Fucked
Eve Evans Gets A Facial When Eve realized that her tap out meant a serious pay reduction, she decided to grit it out and take a few loads of nut to the face, from their angry gringo cocks. The guys stood in line and took turns dumping cum all over her face. After she was coated like a glazed donut, she rubbed it into her soft skin and took a little verbal humiliation before collecting her cash. This is one money shot that Eve Evans won't soon forget!

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